Hi, my name is Christoffer and I am an Internet addict.

Hi and welcome to IRC now go and Search The Frikken Web - the reason why you should blog

2010-06-12 12:30

To be honest, I am not a big fan of writing articles or blog posts on the Internet, mainly because it requires a lot of time and effort but I am also one of those people who dislikes social blogging. Meaning blogs from random people on the Internet who feel the urge to share with everyone else the Internet what is happening in their day-to-day lives. I am sad you broke your nail while eating breakfast, but I have my own life to live.

I know this is popular and people enjoy following celebrities, but for me personally I rather use specific social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to follow follow my friends.

However I am a huge fan of the "STFW" expression. Now this is where I contradict myself and this is actually the only reason why I think you, I, anyone should blog. Let me explain why.

Hi and welcome to IRC

Back in the day when Internet was pretty young for home users, IRC was crazy popular. It still is but today there are more solutions for people connect to other people rather than via IRC. IRC helps people to chat with other people in real time who share the same interest.

This obviously also allows people to join IRC channels specifically to ask for help when they got stuck with a specific problem, such as "How do I do X in Linux?" or "How do I do Y in JavaScript?"."

Now go and STFW

If you spend time in an IRC channel specifically aimed for (as an example) the Ubuntu Linux distribution it doesn't take long until you see someone who enters the channel and asks a question because they have a problem and can't figure out the solution.

Most users in the channel are friendly though and help each other out, for free. However, you will quickly notice that the more "basic" or "fundamental" the question is, the higher chance there is that you get the "STFW" reply.

This is done due to two reasons:

The Internet and the World Wide Web

The technical description of the Internet it is basically a lot of computers connected to each other. However, thanks to that we also have the World Wide Web that consists of an endless pool of knowledge and experience, everything from how to milk a cow to how wireless electricity works.

I feel like a bittorrent leecher

However, you can only search the web if people keep on contributing to the web. I am really happy we are so lucky that we can almost search for anything, but deep down I feel like a bitorrent leecher. I search for stuff all the time and read other people's posts but I never contribute with my own opinions or findings so other people can learn from my own experience.

The benefits of blogging

By blogging you add your own knowledge and experience to the web, and have the opportunity to increase the percentage of non-crap available on the Internet. Even if you star to blog about something you know is already is well blogged about, its perfectly fine. Bloggers complement each other, not complete.

So my advice is to you is to go and start a blog and start sharing your knowledge :)