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My Ergotron LX arms

2011-11-10 22:18

For a while now I have been searching for some kind of a desktop mount to carry up my two Philips 24" 240SW monitors I have at home. I was looking into desktop arms that could carry two (or perhaps three) monitors at once, such as the B-Tech BT7332 or the more expensive XFX Triple Monitor Stand.

However I felt reluctant to buy a single unit that could carry multiple monitors - just in case I wanted to upgrade from two monitors to three, or actually downgrade from three to two. I didn't want to waste money and get stuck with a mount I couldn't use.

I then stumbled upon an old blog entry by Jeff Atwood (you know the guy who co-founded Stackoverflow) in his personal blog, Coding Horror, entitled LCD Monitor Arms. Apparently Jeff was in the same position I was but he got the advice to look into monitor arms created by a company called Ergotron. Reading his blog entry, Jeff actually praised their products, saying (in quote):

The Ergotron LX monitor arms have exceeded my expectations. They...

  • give your monitors a sleek "floating" look
  • free up a substantial amount of space on your desk
  • allow you to reposition the monitors at will

Wow, that sounded like a done deal already there, but after watching this particular video my mind was set.

I am going to get some Ergotron desk mount arms for my self. All I needed now was to pick which of their many desktop mounts to get!

The candidates

I was first into the Neo-Flex LCD Arm (45-174-300). A small and light-weight arm which had a lot of great customer reviews over at Amazon. Unfortunately, it could only handle up to 22” monitors, while I had 24".

The next mount I looked at was the LX Dual Stacking Arm (45-248-026). Two arms side-by-side which could carry 24" monitors, and just like the other mount, this also one had great customer reviews. But just like the Neo Flex, this mount was not entirely suitable for my needs..

The problem is that I have my desk right at the wall, giving me very little space maneuver with the screens in depth (unless I wanted the monitors position at the beginning of the desk with no room for my keyboard). So after some thought, I finally decided upon two LX Desk Mount LCD Arm (45-241-026). Allowing me to position the screen independently of each other and utilize the limited space on my desk.

Pictures of the un-boxing and the set-up

I ordered two arms through the web, collected them at a local computer store shop and brought them home. As you can see, one box is slightly larger than a regular shoe-box and a bit heavier (around 3 - 4 kg). You can get a sense of the size by looking at a regular DVD-disk, I placed on top of the box (and no, you don't get a DVD-disk with drives when ordering these arms ;) ).

Inside the box the items are neatly tucked into Styrofoam slots.

All of the parts out of the box:

The arm all assembled (which was really easy by the way). The parts seems to be of high quality and they are very stylish with its polish aluminum.

My current monitor setup (before using the Ergotron arms).

And finally the setup using my new arms.

I cannot do anything else than I agree with Jeff; the Ergotron arms are simply beautiful and is a great choice for anyone thinking of getting some kind of mount for their monitors. Highly recommended!