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How to install Dart SDK in the Cloud 9 IDE

2015-07-31 19:22

Cloud9 is a pretty cool cloud based IDE. Even though it does not support Dart code formatting, you can still develop and run Dart server applications in the IDE by downloading and installing the Dart SDK.

Here is how to do it.

Download the SDK

The first thing you need to do is to figure out is if you are on a 32 or a 64 bit architecture. Most likely you are on a 64 bit, but let's make sure. To do that you can type in the command:

uname –a

Here we can see are on a 64 bit machine, so we need to download the 64 bit version of the Dart SDK for Linux on their archive page:

Copy the URL, as we are going to use it later. In my case, at the time I published this blog post, the URL is:

Open up a terminal in the Cloud 9 IDE and go to your home directory:

cd ~

and download the SDK with wget:


After it has been downloaded type ls and you should see it:


To extract the archive we simply use the unzip command:

unzip -d dartsdk-1-11-1

I am naming the directory to dartsdk-1-11-1 because I like to add the SDK version number into the directory name.

Once completed, we should be able to use ls again to see the newly created directory:

Configure as global command

If you read the Dart SDK page it tells us how to make Dart as a global command using the export command

So in our case, the full syntax will be

export PATH=${PATH}:~/dartsdk-1-11-1/dart-sdk/bin/

We can check if was added successful by typing

echo $PATH

Testing it all

Now if we return to our workspace directory (cd ~/workspace/) we can see that we have access to Dart by simple typing dart

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