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How to deploy and update your Dart server application to a DigitalOcean droplet using Dropbox (by embedding the Dart SDK)

2015-08-05 15:54

DigitalOcean is my favorite VPS service provider, as it allows you to create droplets of any size, location using with a huge range of available images.

By using Dropbox you can easily deploy and update your Dart server application by simply updating your local files.

Even though I use Windows on my developer machine, it is easy to understand the steps and translate them to a Linux environment.

Given you have just created your DigitalOcean droplet

This guide assumes that you have a newly created Ubuntu droplet of your preferred size and location, with SSH access. Once you have a DigitalOcean account, it is very easy creating droplets. But if you are new there is a great tutorial guide for beginners.

Step 1 - Preparing your Dropbox

The first thing we do is to create a dedicated folder inside the Dropbox where we will put my whole project. In this case we will create the folder Dropbox/projects/techvideos/.

tech videos folder

Step 2 - Downloading and unzipping the Dart SDK

Since we know our server droplet is a Linux Ubuntu (as that is the image I picked when I created the droplet), we visit the Dart's download archive page, download the latest Dart SDK for Linux 64 bit and extract it that in that folder.

download sdk

As soon as it is downloaded, we extract the archive into the project folder.

sdk extracted

As you can see I put the Dart SDK in a folder called dart-sdk-1-11-1 so we can easily remember what SDK version it is deployed with.

By including the Dart SDK we don't actually need to prepare the server in any way, plus it allows us to easily update the Dart SDK to a newer version by just replacing the files locally on your developer machine.

You can also see that Dropbox has also automatically started to sync all the files towards the cloud, which is expected.

Step 3 - Moving your Dart server application to Dropbox

The next thing we do is create a new folder specifically for my Dart server application. We call this folder app and create it next to the SDK folder:

creating app folder

Then we copy the real application folder containing my server application into that folder.

Please note, only copy what you need, such as source code and other configuration files. Do not copy over any pub modules or anything else that can be downloaded via the package module provider. We will do that later.

files i want to copy

And the end results looks like this:

end results

Everything synchronized and ready to go!

Step 4 - Installing Dropbox on DigitalOcean

Now we just need to follow the steps described on the Dropbox installation guide page for Linux:

dropbox linux guide

So we create an SSH connection and login into our newly created droplet and simply perform these steps.

wget dropbox

Now we need to start the Dropbox daemon and link our Dropbox account:

dropbox accountlink

Step 5 - Using selective sync to download only the project folder from Dropbox

Since I have more files on Dropbox than the project, what we need to do is "selective sync" and synchronize only the project, ignoring all my other files.

So we download the helpful Python script which allows us easily control Dropbox from command line.

wget -O

And then we check the status. As expected, its down.

download dropbox python script

We start it back up as a background process and start excluding all the folders than the project with the exclude add [folder] command in various folders.

exclude public

This process takes a while since I have a lot of files on my Dropbox.. but once its done we can type exclude list to see a list of all folders we have excluded.

With everything excluded and synchronized:

everything done

Step 6 - Starting your Dart server application

The first thing we need to start my server application is to download all the third party pub modules.

However, since Dart or pub isn't registered as global commands, we need to compose a funky command:

../dart-sdk-1-11-1/bin/pub install

pub install

If you get a "permission denied" you might need to chmod your project folder with chmod -R 755 techvideos/, since the files were dropped from Windows to Linux.

Now to finally can finally start he server application. Remember the & which makes it a background process.

../dart-sdk-1-11-1/bin/dart main.dart &

dart main

Server application is now deployed!

Step 7 - How to update your code and restart Dart server application

Deploying a new version is now dead easy, as all you need to do is update the source control on your developer machine and it will automatically be synchronized to the DigitalOcean droplet thanks to Dropbox.

If you started Dart as a background process you can easily kill it with the following command:

pkill dart

and then use a similar command again to start it

../dart-sdk-1-11-1/bin/dart main.dart &


Other benefits

Another cool benefit I found using this technique is that when my Dart server application writes to log files on the disc, but since the whole project is on Dropbox, those files are automatically synced, meaning I can view the logs both on my developer machine, but also via the Dropbox website.