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Introducing Coatroom, an easy way to create, organize and create an overview of your HTML and CSS components

2015-12-12 18:10

I am sure you, like me, have seen and have even been working on countless web projects that has been struggling with having a consistent look and feel across the site. Components that should look and behave identical through out the site simply doesn't because each component is actually a product of a reverse-engineered of another component, since it was easier that way. Does it sound familiar? It should since we have all been down that road.

Coatroom, an open sourced Node.js solution, is aimed to help projects to standardize components, by allowing developers to easily create, organize and get an overview of all their components. Components are made of HTML and CSS, generated by a template and LESS and documented by creating style guides written in Markdown to help other developers understand how and when to use these components.

Coatroom is very young and was recently published, but maybe it will help other web development processes out there, to standardize their components, as well!

Here is the link to the NPM page.

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