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Good guy Blizzard sent me a mouse pad after I sent in a 20 year old warranty card for Warcraft 2

2016-06-13 18:10

When a company does something cool for a random individual, I think it's a story worth sharing - so here goes!

Since I am, as many others, a huge Warcraft fanboy, starting with playing the first Warcraft game back in 1995, all the way to spending unhealthy a lot of time in the World of Warcraft, I decided to watch the new Warcraft movie. I don't usually visit the cinema, but for movie, based on the universe I love, I just had to.

After watching the movie, I came home and dusted of my old Warcraft 2 game box for nostalgic reasons. Inside the game manual, I however found a "Warranty Registration" card.

Since this card is 20 years old, and it did say:

Not only will registration entitle you to free customer support, but mailing this card automatically enters you in a monthly drawing for FREE software and the chance to win all kinds of cool Blizzard paraphernalia.

I thought, YOLO! So I filled it out.

And mailed it.

To my surprise after a few days, I saw this letter in my mailbox.

Inside was a handwritten letter from Blizzard Entertainment (the game development company), explaining that the registration was over, but wanted to send me a small gift instead - A World of Warcraft mouse pad!

Blizzard - You are awesome! <3

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